Working at Certifyin5 is an amazing experience. We all work feverishly to bring the best and brightest talent to get our students and get them laser focused on 1 task…getting through the hurdle of getting certified. Most of our classes are 4-5 days of intense, extreme, and mind boggling amounts of information that gets fed into the back of the students brains via an Ethernet like cord — think like a crude matrix upload of information to their brain. While, they might not end up doing cool moves like Neo does in the Matrix trilogy — our students definitely champion the feat of becoming certified.

So in order to get all this accomplished, from logistics, to marketing, and all the way down to ordering food for our students to ensure their minds remain on task and nourished – its all team work here. Certifyin5 is actually backed by a talented group of individuals who get up everyday and make all that happen.

If what we do sounds exciting to you and its something you would consider doing part/full time, then get in touch with our HR department and see how you can become a part of the Certifyin5 team – we are always scouting for new talent.